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Today’s communication and media professionals are called upon to work with diverse markets, audiences, publics, and stakeholders from around the world. To help prepare you for a career in the dynamic international world of communication, this class will introduce you to the British media market. You will learn about the history of media and communication industries in the United Kingdom, exploring both similarities and differences with those in the United States. You will consider how media industries interact with political, economic and cultural forces.

Over spring break you will travel to London to engage with and learn from communication and media professionals in news and strategic communication companies. You will also interact with students and faculty at City, University of London in an effort to expand your global perspectives about the complexities of communication messages and strategies.

During the course, you will focus on your chosen area of specialization (journalism, advertising/public relations), but you will also be fully engaged with students who are specializing in other areas. In addition to pre-departure classes led by Dr. Austin, students will take part in field trips to agencies and media outlets in London, have daily debriefs while there, and complete a final project upon returning to North Carolina.

Registration for the course is by application.

Professor: Lucinda Austin, Ph.D.
Office: 375 Carroll Hall
Office phone: (919) 962-2082

Class time: Tuesday and Thursday, 11 am – 12:15 pm
Classroom: CA 253
Requirements fulfilled: Three hours of MEJO Elective credit or Conceptual credit; EE and GL general education requirements
Class restrictions: Preference is given to juniors and seniors who are admitted majors in the MJ-school

Travel Dates: March 11-19, 2022
Logistics handled by Liana Pinner, Director of Global, Immersive and Professional Programs (


Students are encouraged to direct any questions about the course to Dr. Lucinda Austin at or Liana Pinner and